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Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's acceleration that makes the difference. Acceleration surprises, makes an impact, penetrates, and gets us to where we want to be. Without acceleration we move at the same pace; we're predictable, people see us coming, things get boring. The art of impact is the ability to accelerate, to come from seemingly nowhere, to overwhelm and overcome resistance . 

To accelerate we have to build tension prior to launching, applying forbearance, the discipline to wait until the right moment before we embark and pull the trigger. The right moment is when there is an opportunity, a need that we can meet, a gap in our opponent's defense.  This requires building and holding tension--like pulling back the cord on a bow and arrow--developing skills, building concepts, connecting and collaborating to acquire the ideas and energy that will propel us towards the target. Like the archer we must develop the strength to hold this increasing tension, while remaining aware and ready to release at the opportune instant.

In a fight, if someone approaches or throws a punch at a constant speed, even if fast, we can anticipate and avoid. It's better to start slow and then gather speed rapidly, making evasion impossible, hitting before the opponent's mind catches up with the attack. So it is in all areas of life. We must practice building knowledge, skills, concepts, even without a precise goal. The moment will come when direction is clear and the release of stored energy will be accompanied by the thrill of acceleration, assuring an exciting ride and eventual success.  

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