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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

We’re all crazy, one way or another, and this can be a huge strength or a debilitating weakness. The real fun in life comes from identifying and unleashing that craziness; once we find the hidden deposits of crazy we can tap into vast reserves of physical and mental power. Too many of us either suppress and ignore our crazier side, or unleash it in ways that don’t give us pleasure, paths that can spiral down in a negative trajectory. Those that ignore or have never found this side of their nature live it vicariously through television, movies, gambling or computer games. So why not use it to achieve something more satisfying? Use it to become the person you want to be; it’s energy that can be brought to bear to defeat the mediocre and transform the ordinary into something extraordinary.
As we understand ourselves and exert control on elements of our personality, we can balance the darker elements of our nature and our better characteristics in a controlled manner. By exerting increased discipline and finding balance our awareness expands to uncover that crazy diamond within. Once discovered it can be taken out, polished and put somewhere more accessible so that when we need it we can reach down and use its energy to propel us through prior barriers, shining on, no matter what.

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